Brango Casino – Online Slots Heist

Brango casino is preparing another slots heist this week, which means a lot of prizes will be coming to the winners of this ongoing campaign. Because of its numerous special offers, casino Brango is a trusted source of gambling and bonuses. In addition to the usual benefits, like bonus coins and free spins, the casino is involved in various other network campaigns too.

One of such promotions is the amazing Slots Heist. Why settle for a mere few chips, if you can have thousands of them, plus thousands more of bonus spins too. In order to partake in the Slots Heists, you must simply register an account with the Brango platform. Then, you just have to play some of its fantastic games. That is pretty much it, so you may qualify for the prizes and enjoy a variety of exciting moments that you can relive over and again with this special casino. However, the service has still many more promotions.

Make sure that you check them all out, to see what other prizes can be acquired. Online games like the aforementioned slot machines are often a favorite among the viewers. All prizes won during such events, would often come with certain wagering requirements. The full list of terms and conditions that apply – can now be found on the casino's official website.

Brango Casino promotion

Campaign: Slots Heist Promotion

Available: on a week to week basis

Rewards: $1000's & 1000's Free Spins

Chip Prizes: 40x wagering requirement

Free Spins: 45x wagering requirement

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