Cash Noire – 24th June (2020)

Cash Noire is a mysterious new game that will be appearing at online casinos around the world on June 24th this year. NetEnt studios are developing another casino project, which is going to provide an exciting trip into the world of detective fiction. The Cash Noire slot's reels will be jam packed with bonus spins and a multitude of other freebies, all the while maintaining the theme that separates it from the rest of casino games. Solving the mystery behind the Green Ace murders will be the first step of unraveling the investigation, as the rabbit hole gets deeper with each clue that seems to be fitting the puzzle at first, or maybe even hide something even more sinister.

These can really set the mood for some noir fiction and detective stories, which are implemented into this exciting new video slot. Follow this crime story as it unfolds through the reels, by piecing the puzzles of every evidence you find. A beautiful lady visits a private eye's office – it cannot be more obvious than that; it's a detective noir story, and so it shall have all of the classic tropes embedded into the plot line. Follow the narrative as it unfolds and guess who done it with the help from the games and its multiple bonuses.