Wild Worlds Games – April 9th (2019)

The Wild Worlds slot is happening, and it’s gonna arrive pretty soon; on the 9th of April to be exact. Those who have been following the recent news, have probably already noticed that the game would feature superhero birds, which are quite enjoying their career as monster fighters – instead of their regular job at a boring office building. NetEnt is preparing to launch this new slot machine, but in the meantime prepares a couple more, which is also going to make things exciting for anyone expecting to play with a couple more bonuses on the way. Watch as our avian heroes navigate their lives, work tedious jobs and type on computers, and when the monster attacks their beloved planet – rush into the headquarters to change into their superhero personas.

This game will be quite unique, and will have a special bonus games sequence, during which our friends would fight the giant monsters – and even an epic boss fight reserved for the last round. Afterwards, there will be a portal appearing in the middle of the region to teleport them back into their home planet. All that and so much more is what the players can expect to meet when this fantastic games arrives, delivering massive winnings and free spins along the way. The Wild Worlds will consist of 5 reels and 5 rows – as well as its own platform for collecting bonus goodies, battling monsters, and extra doses of action.

Archangels: Salvation – 24th April -2018-

There is new NetEnt game on the horizon – Archangels: Salvation, which is planned for launch already on the 24th of April this year. Influenced by works of fantasy and various mythologies, this online slot will appeal to a broader audience, especially since it features impressive visuals and contains as many as 100 bet lines. This original Net Ent production will bring you all kinds of bonuses, not only the usual free spins, but also a plethora of other stuff, including wild substitutions, symbols and much more. The slot itself will be based on a 12-row, 6-reel platform, therefore it can generate even better results than other games combined.

One of the main highlights of the Archangels: Salvation slot is that it offers two separate areas for hot spots; both of them guarded by their respective entities, angels of the heavenly realm and demons from the bowels of hell. The absolutely fantastic 3D graphics will certainly add to the overall appeal of this game, but there are many hidden surprises that players must discover on their own. Things are never as black and white as they might seem, and even though in this game you can either win or lose, nobody said that you cannot have fun above everything else – and that is exactly what Net Entertainment games are all about. Be sure to check the early video footage of this video slot, and prepare to visit your favorite online casino on its day of premiere.

Asgardian Stones Video Slot – 22nd February (2018)

Another NetEnt slot has emerged from the annals of time: Asgardian Stones – an adventure that will take you past the golden gates and into the world of gods and ancient magics. Carved into the faces of important deities, the stone statues will be guarding the entrance, so if you want to proceed further, then you will have to solve the mysteries that lay hidden beneath the mysterious symbols. Drawing upon the mythology as well as various technologies, the video slot is certainly going to appease even the most demanding of viewers, thanks to its animated gameplay and the inclusion of such bonuses as the Avalanche feature, Wild substitutions, Free Spins, Colossal symbols, and a Bonus Wheel.

The slot machine will become available on the 22nd of February – 2018, which means that it’s going to appear at all the NetEnt powered casinos: this month. If you believe in such things as fate, then maybe you should prepare to meet yours with the help from the old gods, who are willing to reward everyone worthy enough to gain entry into another world of existence. The Asgardian Stones has a classic slot machine setting, which includes 20 bet lines, 3 rows, and 5 reels – all that can help to solve the puzzle. Unique graphics are only making this game more appealing than it already is, and with untold riches awaiting beyond the stones, those Asgardian symbols may prove to be quite profitable indeed, provided that you are lucky enough of course.

Hotline Video Slot – 22nd March (2018)

Hotline seems like a perfect distraction for the beginning of spring, and it should be a great casino game to pick every time you drop by any site that features NetEnt software. The premise is simple but so amusing at the same time, and it introduces the viewers to a fast car chase through the busy yet sun bathed streets of the Miami shores, as one would expect from a production heavily influenced by the ‘80s television. Surprising enough, the video slot is going to implement an entirely new feature: the Hotline Bonus Bet, which follows with the narrative of the game, by bringing speed wilds and additional stuff that makes this experience even more exciting than it already is.

Furthermore, the slot machine features an incredibly catchy soundtrack, filling the speakers with throbbing beats and electronic tunes, which are always great for bringing back the nostalgia from the synth-pop era. The game is planned for release on March 22nd this year, so expect to get a piece of this action some time later during the following month. With Net Entertainment holding the reigns of the video slot market, the casinos will be supplied with the most innovative of software, thus creating a perfect background for any such releases in the future, which are already coming out in regular intervals. If you are feeling like revisiting the time of polyester suits and disco music, then you are about to be blown away by the Hotline video slot, which offers winnings up to even 60000 coins, and is definitely a must to play for every fan of online gaming.

Jumanji Video Slot – February 6th (2018)

Jumanji is the highly anticipated video slot, which NetEnt plans on releasing soon; on the 6th of February this year, so you can expect to venture deep into the jungle already at the beginning of the next month. The critical success of both movies had really made an impact on the world of entertainment, and now there would also be an online slot about the popular board game that started it all. The world of Jumanji is full of dangerous animals, devastating natural disasters, and mysterious occurrences that bleed into real life as the game progresses. Thankfully, players who choose the video slot instead, can rest assured that this will be a completely safe experience, no harm is going to befall on those enjoying a couple of spins.

The slot machine is being developed by Net Entertainment with the association of Sony, and as a fully licensed production, it might feature scenes from the new remake of the film. Even though it’s currently under development, one can find some early footage of the slot on the internet, as well as the official videos that introduce to some of its features. All of this should make for a rather impressive piece of software, and as they players are soon to find out: a guaranteed source for bonuses, free spins and other gaming components that usually appear in a video slot, such as wilds or scatters. The rest is up to the players, and the game is sure to be much like Jumanji itself. Expect to see a lot of Net Ent slots this year, as the company releases a new one every single month – sometimes even two.