Happy Panda – May 5th (2020)

The Happy Panda slot is an extremely fun video slot that is going to make a worldwide premiere. Previously available as an exclusive game for the Chinese audience, this panda bear inspired slot machine should be available at most NetEnt casinos on May 5th this year. Featuring the titular pandas, as well as other wild animals from the Chinese forests, it will make for a very entertaining gameplay.

The Net Entertainment studios has been making various games in a similar vein, and so this one might also make a great impression with its cute panda theme and bamboo bonuses. However, one could also expect to see a whole lot more of special bonus symbols, and the ever so popular free spins. Once the game hits the global market, there will be no stopping of the pandas, who are chewing on their favorite snack and pouncing around in the distance. Happy Panda has been already fully optimized to run on desktop platforms and mobile devices alike, so it shouldn't be an issue to access it from any particular operating system either. Furthermore, there is a Giant Panda Jackpot – a superb pool of coins up for grabs during the game, whereas other rewards are still within reach at all times.