Hotline Video Slot – 22nd March (2018)

Hotline seems like a perfect distraction for the beginning of spring, and it should be a great casino game to pick every time you drop by any site that features NetEnt software. The premise is simple but so amusing at the same time, and it introduces the viewers to a fast car chase through the busy yet sun bathed streets of the Miami shores, as one would expect from a production heavily influenced by the ‘80s television. Surprising enough, the video slot is going to implement an entirely new feature: the Hotline Bonus Bet, which follows with the narrative of the game, by bringing speed wilds and additional stuff that makes this experience even more exciting than it already is.

Furthermore, the slot machine features an incredibly catchy soundtrack, filling the speakers with throbbing beats and electronic tunes, which are always great for bringing back the nostalgia from the synth-pop era. The game is planned for release on March 22nd this year, so expect to get a piece of this action some time later during the following month. With Net Entertainment holding the reigns of the video slot market, the casinos will be supplied with the most innovative of software, thus creating a perfect background for any such releases in the future, which are already coming out in regular intervals. If you are feeling like revisiting the time of polyester suits and disco music, then you are about to be blown away by the Hotline video slot, which offers winnings up to even 60000 coins, and is definitely a must to play for every fan of online gaming.