Island Reels Casino – Exclusive VIP Bonuses

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For that is where you can find all those amazing promotions, many of which you can immediately encounter once you become a full time member of the program. Since the online casino Island Reels has a very lucrative bonus system, with plenty of exclusive VIP offers for members only. Like any of those special bonus gifts posted below. Check them out and redeem the coupon codes once you opt in and log in to your casino player account. All that and so much will be waiting for you over there. But you only need to sign up to unlock some of the cool things that are widely promoted by the online casino in charge. Bonus terms and promotions are going to apply.

Island Reels Casino promotion

Bonus 1: High Tide


Funds 1: 100% / $200

Bonus 2: The Amigos

Code 2: AMIGOS

Funds 2: 80% / $200

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