Jumanji Video Slot – February 6th (2018)

Jumanji is the highly anticipated video slot, which NetEnt plans on releasing soon; on the 6th of February this year, so you can expect to venture deep into the jungle already at the beginning of the next month. The critical success of both movies had really made an impact on the world of entertainment, and now there would also be an online slot about the popular board game that started it all. The world of Jumanji is full of dangerous animals, devastating natural disasters, and mysterious occurrences that bleed into real life as the game progresses. Thankfully, players who choose the video slot instead, can rest assured that this will be a completely safe experience, no harm is going to befall on those enjoying a couple of spins.

The slot machine is being developed by Net Entertainment with the association of Sony, and as a fully licensed production, it might feature scenes from the new remake of the film. Even though it’s currently under development, one can find some early footage of the slot on the internet, as well as the official videos that introduce to some of its features. All of this should make for a rather impressive piece of software, and as they players are soon to find out: a guaranteed source for bonuses, free spins and other gaming components that usually appear in a video slot, such as wilds or scatters. The rest is up to the players, and the game is sure to be much like Jumanji itself. Expect to see a lot of Net Ent slots this year, as the company releases a new one every single month – sometimes even two.