Narcos Games – May 23rd (2019)

The Narcos is the working title of a new video slot game that Net Entertainment is preparing to release in association with the Gaumont film studios; based on its successful television show of the same name. Following the story of DEA agents infiltrating the ranks of the Colombian drug underworld, the game will probably be even more exciting than its TV counterpart – mostly due to the fact that it will consist of plenty of bonus spins and other special features.

The players can expect to play this brand new slot machine on the 23rd May this year, because that is the date set by NetEnt for its global release. Narcos offers an insight into the world of drug cartels and the infamous Pablo Escobar, who has been named as the king of cocaine during the prime of the cartel’s activity in the 1980’s. It is very likely that the game’s system will include a couple more features as well as special bonuses which could appear during each sequence. The video footage showcases most of the slot based action, and of course full compatibility with mobile device platforms. This could be the next big casino hit, and it certainly will, but one must still wait a bit for the official release of the game.