Ocean's Treasure – February 24th (2020)

The Ocean's Treasure is an underwater adventure filled with quests and riches, not to mention the usual free spins that can be found in Net Entertainment slots as well. This fascinating new online game is going to be released on the casino market on the 24th of February 2020, and it's going to bring a whole lot more of fun and coins to the fold. It will be another exciting game that players can play at the very best of casinos out there; collecting all sorts of amazing bonuses and unlocking further stages of the game in the process.

Thanks to the expertise of the NetEnt studios, the Ocean's Treasure video slot is going to make for a thrilling ride through the many different types of spinning, but with a familiar Net Ent touch that will keep it entertaining and really enjoyable. Venture deep into the depths of the ocean and find the lost city of Atlantis, but beware of the Kraken monster, which has been hiding in the dark and murky waters all this time. Buried and forgotten treasures are abound, so take your diving equipment and plunge into the oceans, where the next journey awaits. The game is set for release later during the following month, so expect to see and hear more about it really soon.