Ozzy Osbourne – November 21st (2019)

Ozzy Osbourne has been a prominent figure in the world of music ever since he become the legendary frontman of Black Sabbath. His wild behavior and dark lyrics proven to be a perfect match for these doomsayers; the very first heavy metal band in existence. It is no wonder that the iconic singer is now finally getting his own casino game – a NetEnt slot at that too. He was never a stranger to controversy either, and whether it was his diabolical look or years of drug abuse – Ozzy has certainly earned the title of a rock star.

There will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about this upcoming video slot, and you can sure learn all of that either through NetEnt's official YouTube channel, or the main site of the company itself. The Ozzy Osbourne slot will focus entirely on the “Prince of Darkness” himself, featuring many of his prominent songs, taken from an enormous music catalog. The arrival of this fresh new game will be of course accompanied by numerous bonus offers; especially free spins, but one should turn to any of the casinos that are going to have a launch celebration on the 21st of November 2019 – which is exactly when this exciting new slot machine is going to arrive.