Rags to Witches – 13 October (2022)

The Rags to Witches is a fascinating new online game that you will be able to play whenever you like, and then enjoy some pretty cool bonus goodies that you can immediately get into. This is a perfect casino game for the long await spooky Halloween season. Which is now open and active, offering many more of those awesome freebies that one may usually associate with such games. The following is about to hit all BetSoft powered casinos on the 13th of October this year; just in time for the spooky Halloween season and all. Thus, making it possible for everybody to enjoy some pretty amazing things. The kind of which you have probably never witnessed before.

If you enjoy video slots and similar games of that ilk, then you should probably check out the Rags of Witches slot as soon as you can. For there are many more of those awesome goodies coming to BetSoft casinos. Free spins and whatnot, but also all kinds of other cool stuff. You shall inevitably come across a multitude of specialty games and of course a lot more of those freebies at hand. Trick or treat all you like and enjoy the visually stunning effects of the animated sequences you are about to trigger while playing the slot machine. All that and a whole lot more is waiting for you in this mystical realm of Rags to Witches. Be sure to access a BetSoft casino on October 13th.