Rome: The Golden Age – 9th February (2021)

Rome: The Golden Age is a spectacular new game that you can play as soon as you enter one of NetEnt's online casinos. But it hasn't been released yet; pretty soon though, because it comes out on February 9th. Expect to see a lot more of this game, for the ancient Rome comes to conquer the playground. If you still haven't tried any Net Entertainment software yet, then it's a perfect opportunity for that. With that, come the excellent visuals of course, a staple of the Net Entertainment software. But you can already enjoy some of the early footage, available one of the official Net Ent sources, like the YouTube channel or the studio's own website, for instance.

Players will get the opportunity to venture into the world of Rome: The Golden Age, and collect plenty of coins. That, and of course a lot more free spins, because these are always present during the gameplay itself. Enter the era when Rome was the capital of the continent, and the culture was thriving until the empire crumbled upon itself. Have some extra spins and check out each sequence of the game, transporting you from the gardens onto the arena. Expect to see this game arrive really, so that you will have a chance to play it.