Serengeti Kings – January 23rd (2020)

The Serengeti Kings is this incredible new slot that features wild animals from the famous ecosystem, found only on the African continent. Beautiful sights of the safari and beautiful wild creatures are going to be the main attractions of this upcoming NetEnt game; along with special bonuses like the Panther Spins and Lion Spins, as well as symbols represented by other animals native to the African continent. You can preview the colorful trailer and learn more about the Serengeti Kings via NetEnt's official YouTube channel.

Such an engaging video slot calls for attention, and it sure is going to get it as soon as it's released: on the 23rd of January, 2020. The new year should provide a great deal of opportunities for players to enjoy such amazing games as the Serengeti Kings, along with multiple other Net Entertainment productions that are currently being developed by its gaming studios. Venture into a world full of wild animals and astonishing rewards, made available by this fascinating game that hits online casinos at the beginning of the new year.