Spin Dimension Casino – Rock the Block

Spin Dimension casino is ready to bring you further rewards and other cool bonus gifts, which you can immediately get to enjoy once you become a full time member of its bonus program. Which of course comes with a plethora of other amazing things, thus leaving you with some pretty awesome bonus perks as well. Feel free to just drop by and say hello, and maybe you will like what you are about to find there. Get on board this absolutely fantastic place, where many attractions are taking place every now and then. Plus a whole bunch of distinctive games make it home. Because who would have thought that there would have been so many awesome games.

Featuring the coolest video slots on the planet, and a plethora of other options among which you shall find software brands from a bunch of popular gaming studios. Plus you can always join and take part in promotions like Rock the Block. Which is an absolutely fantastic new event, available between the 5th and 29th of August this year. You got plenty of time left to sign up and opt in over at the SpinDimension casino. Certain bonus terms and conditions or other requirements may apply still.

Spin Dimension Casino promotion

Campaign: Rock the Block

Reward: end of summer wheel

Minimum Deposit: $25

Starts: 5th August 2022

Ends: 29th August 2022

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