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The Wolf’s Night – October 24th (2019)

The Wolf's Night – October 24th (2019)

The Wolf's Night is drawing ever so closer, covering the entire realm in darkness and terrorizing the land with real threats from beyond. The nearby forests hides the night prowlers that attack a village of unsuspecting people, already wary of the hardships they endured during recent times. Although it seems there is hope to normally overcome things like these, nothing can prepare you for the dark times that are going to descend on the land. The Wolf's Night is something that chills the bones and freezes blood in your veins.

When the night comes – it's the time of werewolves, and so nobody will be safe from their frenzied teeth and sharp claws. Silver bullets may not work this time, and the only way to survive is to lock your doors and pray for the best, because there won't be a second chance. A second chance to win that is, so stay at home and launch your computer – because The Wolf's Night slot is coming to all NetEnt powered casinos on the 24th of October. The game will arrive just in time for the Halloween season, which should be quite exciting and very enticing for many newcomers, while the fans can already expect a lot out of this excellent Net Entertainment production.

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