Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse – January 2018

Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse is a highly anticipated video slot that was going to launch during the previous year, but to some licensing problems, was delayed until just recently. Going live on the 24th January 2018, The Phantom’s Curse will undoubtedly prove to be a highly entertaining piece of software, not to mention all the exciting bonuses that it’s going to deliver with it. Anyone who is familiar with the Gothic literature or cinema, will quickly recognize this game, which was highly influenced by the first two forms of art. As a horror story, the plot of The Phantom of the Opera takes place in France during the late XIX century, when opera was gaining its highest peak, and the performers were often held as heroes of the stage.

One of such singers is the masked Phantom, who as a great artist himself, stalks the carrier of a young and aspiring dive – Christine. It really is a great setting for a NetEnt slot, with all the bonus goodies that a player may need from such a game. This could well be a next favorite among the online slots, with all its wilds and scatters or bonus games, which should make for a rather convenient distraction from the main storyline. Universal Monsters – The Phantom’s Curse is not the first Net Entertainment game (or the last for that matter) to offer animated sequences during the gameplay, thus making such experience a quite memorable one.