Wild Worlds Games – April 9th (2019)

The Wild Worlds slot is happening, and it’s gonna arrive pretty soon; on the 9th of April to be exact. Those who have been following the recent news, have probably already noticed that the game would feature superhero birds, which are quite enjoying their career as monster fighters – instead of their regular job at a boring office building. NetEnt is preparing to launch this new slot machine, but in the meantime prepares a couple more, which is also going to make things exciting for anyone expecting to play with a couple more bonuses on the way. Watch as our avian heroes navigate their lives, work tedious jobs and type on computers, and when the monster attacks their beloved planet – rush into the headquarters to change into their superhero personas.

This game will be quite unique, and will have a special bonus games sequence, during which our friends would fight the giant monsters – and even an epic boss fight reserved for the last round. Afterwards, there will be a portal appearing in the middle of the region to teleport them back into their home planet. All that and so much more is what the players can expect to meet when this fantastic games arrives, delivering massive winnings and free spins along the way. The Wild Worlds will consist of 5 reels and 5 rows – as well as its own platform for collecting bonus goodies, battling monsters, and extra doses of action.