Wilderland – March 24th (2020)

The new video slot Wilderland is going to launch on March 24th, 2020 – taking all of its viewers on a fantastic journey into the mystical realm of Elves. Full of long forgotten ancient knowledge, forbidden magic practice and sights beyond the world of mortals, the Wilderland game will serve as a gateway into the colorful world of online casino games, as well as Net Entertainment software.

Whether it is the visual attractiveness of the slot machine or its impressive bonus traits – it will not disappoint in either of those fields; bringing players closer to winnings and a variety of intricate options. The main story of the game focuses on a legendary Elven huntress, who have embarked on a quest to explore the nearby forests and enchanted woods; holding the key to unlocking other mysterious arts of the Elves' culture. Discover a world of limitless possibilities and events that might shake the very foundation of this and other realms of existence. Nothing will hold you back because there are no simple rules to how the dimensions operate, and everybody will have a chance to prove themselves in the dangerous quests and adventures that will continue long after the plot has run its course.