Wings of Riches – December 16th (2019)

The Wings of Riches is an absolutely stunning new video slot project, featuring an enchanted forests with all these magical beings and otherworldly creatures, that are going to help the players in their quest for glory and untold treasures. Be the first to try this fabulous NetEnt game and visit your favorite online casino on the 16th of December 2019, to immediately play the slot with some extra free spins – which should be credited in celebration of this game's arrival. Wings of Riches is based in fantasy, and so it will expand on its storyline and mythos that revolve around the gorgeous fairies, who are living in the woods along with various other creatures of mystery.

It will be a real treat for eyes and a joy that should spread like a wildfire, not to mention all the titular riches that one can win while simply playing this game; enjoying the breathtaking visuals and animations that already look very impressive. The Net Ent studio is working really hard on multiple software products simultaneously, releasing not one but several slot machines each month, so expect to see and hear a lot more about its games in the near future. Many surprises await here, and the next year might bring even more.