Gems of Adoria – 9th June (2020)

Gems of Adoria is coming out on the 9th of June 2020, and so now is the perfect opportunity to start celebrating. Gather as many free spins and hold on to those chips – it's gonna be a wild ride for sure. Nothing could be more satisfying than getting that perfect combination on the reels, and Gems of Adoria is about to help you with that. The betting options will remain easy to customize.

In addition, this brand new slot from Net Entertainment will have all the standard features, but in a 3D environment. View the slot machine from different angles and place your bets whenever you like. Moreover, the game will be packed with additional content, including special symbols and stuff. Other than that; this will be an excellent addition to any online casino.

Once the game launches, the players won't be able to get enough of it. Get to be the first to try and gather as many bonus spins; the most important component of any successful NetEnt slot. Expect to see more of this fascinating game when the date of its premiere closes in. There are other new video slots coming out this and the next one after that, so check out the full list of upcoming games on the official Net Ent website – quite possibly the best source of information on its software.