Witchy Poppins – 27th October 2023

Witchy Poppins

Witchy Poppins is a magically infused new video slot game, coming out on this year's Halloween. Which is pretty soon, and tomorrow; on the 27th of October – you shall be able to enter its realm of endless magic. Befriend the Witches from this coven, and venture deep into the dark forests to witness various spells of ancient magics. The AvatarUX studios have been working really hard on its special new slot machine, and so one may expect to find it quite endearing. Not to mention the graphics already look fantastic; featuring beautiful artwork and smoothly animated visual effects. With all the cool bonus options, and other extra content that will lead you through this path, directly towards incredible winnings. As the slot's own title suggests; the trademark PopWins are going to appear.

And so will the various nudges, along with multipliers, wilds, special plus random symbols combined. The Witchy Poppins video slot game has a gigantic winning potential. Furthermore; it shall bring all the magical objectives to live. Follow the witches and witness all those fantastic things by yourselves. Whereas the slot machine itself is about to unleash torrents of coins and treasure abound. Find out more about its bonuses, by trying the Witchy Poppins slot as soon as at arrives – at every AvatarUX online casino.